72: Are You Cooking With An Insecticide?

The Health Ranger reveals how the number one ingredient in a pesticide product is actually Canola oil, and describes the warnings on the product, which include that you should never get the oil on your skin or clothing. Soybean oil is also discussed as a key ingredient in another pesticide product.

Mike Adams seems to become very animated about the idea that the name “Canola” was devised to avoid using the product’s original name, Rapeseed Oil, which is still the name commonly used in the UK, however, his reason for inviting us to reconsider this product is a good one.

In this video, Adams says that he has tested plain 100% Canola oil and it does, indeed, work as a bug killer. He also points out that the oil (in the USA) is likely to be genetically modified. With all this in mind, do you really want to consume the all-pervasive Canola or Soybean oils; by whatever names we know them? I don’t, but I am sure they will be difficult to avoid.

Thanks to Mike Adams: The Health Ranger.


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