Ginger Is The Monumentally Superior Alternative to Chemotherapy

If you’ve seen the documentary Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives, you may recall the farmers commenting on the intelligence of squirrels, who, when offered a choice, would always munch on the non-GMO corn cobs instead of the genetically engineered corn cobs. To humans, these two corn cobs look identical, but squirrels have more discernment. They simply refuse to ingest toxic herbicides or jumbled DNA.

When It Comes To Cancer Treatments, Men And Women Act Dumber Than Squirrels

Let’s say that your doctor has given you a cancer diagnosis. Let’s revisit animal wisdom. If a squirrel was looking over a tasty morsel of ginger on one side, or a vial full of Mehotrexate, Danorubicin or Tioguanine on the other, what would that intelligent squirrel choose? The answer is obvious. And it’s the right answer, because ginger roots, after being dried and cooked, manifest an ingredient called 6-shogaol.

This naturally occurring element is up to 10,000 times more effective at killing cancer cells than those vials of destructive drugs, reports David Guiterrez from Natural News, who states that “researchers found that 6-shogaol is active against cancer stem cells at concentrations that are harmless to healthy cells. This is dramatically different from conventional chemotherapy, which has serious side effects largely because it kills healthy as well as cancerous cells.”

Ginger, Like All Food And Medicinal Herbs Comes From The Soil, Just Like We Do

The health of our bodies is determined by the health and fertility of our soil. The champion of understanding this vital life link between human health and soil health was Dr. William Albrecht, Ph.D. His legacy of research and writings at the University of Missouri are more potent today than ever. One of his well known quotes reads like this:

“The soil is the ‘creative material’ of most of the basic needs of life. Creation starts with a handful of dust.”

Ginger comes from that handful of dust. And the 6-shogaol extract it contains has been shown in mice studies to reduce prostate tumours by over 50%. According to a study on PLOS, the 6-Shogaol ginger extract can specifically target breast cancer stem cells, which are very difficult to kill, and not kill healthy cells like chemotherapy. As reported by Natural News, “If the stem cell is not destroyed, it will create even more cancer cells…”

What Will You Choose To Heal? Toxic Chemicals Or Ginger And Other Superfoods?

According to projections of the American Cancer Society — a subset of the American Cancer Industry — over 1.6 million Americans will  receive this news in 2016 and be primed for chemotherapy. This doesn’t take into account the “basal cell or squamous skin cancer”  because these kinds of cancer “are not required to be reported to cancer registries.” Hmm. Do the kick backs begin at the initial report, or are the money-changers at the table only after the chemotherapy and radiation begin?


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Wakefield’s Partner Exonerated In British Court In Autism Study Fraud

Andrew Wakefield continues to make waves as his documentary, Vaxxed, opens across the country. Pharma, the CDC, are among two large players attempting to silence him. However, Wakefield has persevered and is now stronger than ever. This is an enormous achievement for a man that had his medical license pulled in the UK for speaking the truth.

But about that medical license deal….

Wakefield, at the time of his research into the autism and vaccine links, had a partner named Prof. John Walker-Smith. That partner was scrutinized as much as Wakefield, but interestingly enough, a British court gave Walker-Smith a favorable ruling in 2012.

According to

In February, 2012, Mr. Justice Mitting held hearings on the charges brought against world renowned pediatric gastro-enterologist, Prof. John Walker-Smith, Wakefield’s co-researcher, in Britain’s High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division, Administrative Court.

The Justice ruled that charges brought against Walker-Smith by the British General Medical Council’s Panel, the GMC “panel’s determination cannot stand. I therefore quash it.” Walker-Smith won his appeal against a General Medical Council regulatory board that had ruled against both him and Andrew Wakefield for their roles in authoring a 1998 Lancet MMR paper, which raised questions about a link to autism. The complete victory means that Walker-Smith has been returned to the status of a fully licensed physician …”

Astonishingly, as the judge pointed out, the conclusions of the GMC board that stripped both Walker-Smith and Wakefield of their licenses to practice medicine in the UK were based on “inadequate and superficial reasoning and, in a number of instances, a wrong conclusion… The end result is that the finding of serious professional misconduct and the sanction of erasure are bothquashed.” He notes that the board’s trial of Walker-Smith and Wakefield had no actual complainants, no harm came to the children who were studied, and parents supported Walker-Smith and Wakefield through the trial, reporting that their children had medically benefited from the treatment they received at the Royal Free Hospital.

What does this say about the charges that implicated Wakefield? I’d say it shows a rather flimsy case. Wakefield has however proven his resilience through it all. He and his message are more popular than ever, attracting the support of celebrities such as Robert De Niro. Wakefield has done an incredible amount for parents and children. And he is going to continue to fight the good fight, with or without the support of simpleton court hearings. Wakefield’s partner’s case already proves that he did no wrong.


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Roundup Herbicide Sprayed On Foods Causes Heart Problems, Study Shows

The globally bestselling herbicide Roundup can cause heart problems, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Caen, France, and Sapienza University of Rome, and published in the journal Cardiovascular Toxicology in December 2014.

The findings may explain the cases of heart problems or even sudden death reported in people or animals exposed to high levels of Roundup.

According to the study authors, reported cases of acute Roundup poisoning have been increasing. These are a different phenomenon than the chronic poisoning and health problems reported by many people living in areas of heavy Roundup use.

Results Consistent With Human Poisoning Incidents

The researchers exposed rabbits and rats to levels of Roundup herbicide comparable to those that might lead to acute poisoning in humans. They then surgically extracted the hearts from the rats (killing the animals), keeping the hearts alive in a laboratory solution so their function could be examined.

The hearts of rats and rabbits exposed to Roundup exhibited reduced intracellular uptake of calcium and an increased rate of arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). They also showed an increase in conduction blocks, and even a 30-minute washout was unable to restore proper excitability.

These decreases in heart function could lead to the QT prolongation, atrioventricular conduction blocks and arrhythmias reported by hospital records in human cases of acute Roundup poisoning, the researchers wrote. They could also explain anecdotal reports by hunters of rabbits abruptly dying after crossing fields sprayed with Roundup, or by pet owners of their dogs having fatal seizures after spending time on lawns sprayed with the chemical.

Notably, no cardiac effects were seen when the researchers ran the experiment with pure glyphosate, the active ingredient of Roundup. This suggests that some additive chemical is responsible for the cardiac effects — yet regulatory agencies require only the active ingredient to be tested for safety.

Birth Defects Also A Concern

Other studies have indicated that Roundup may also have long-term health effects, as may the active ingredient glyphosate. A major concern is birth defects.

In 2009, the Argentinean National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), announced the results of a study ordered by the Argentinean Health Ministry following years of complaints from residents of areas with heavy Roundup spraying (particularly near fields of “Roundup ready” genetically modified soy). Residents and area doctors had complained of a jump in rates of cancer and birth defects following the adoption of genetically engineered soy and the corresponding jump in Roundup use.

The researchers found that glyphosate produces birth defects of the heart, brain and intestines, even at doses 1,500 times lower than those used on Argentinean soy crops. Other defects observed include head deformity and changes to the central nervous system.

Because levels used in real life are so much higher, the risk in real life “is much more serious” than that seen in the lab, lead researcher Andres Carrasco said.

“The observed deformations are consistent and systematic,” he said.

A 2014 study conducted by researchers from the University of Leipzig, Germany, and Sadat City University in Egypt, in collaboration with Danish pig farmer Ib Borup Pedersen, and published in the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology, cataloged birth deformities in the offspring of pigs fed feed contaminated with low concentrations of Roundup.

The rate of birth defects increased in direct proportion to the dose of glyphosate found in the feed. A concentration of 0.25 parts per million (ppm) caused deformities to jump to one in 1,432, while a concentration of between 0.87 ppm and 1.13 ppm produced an astonishing birth defect rate of one in 260.

Natural News

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Leaked Evidence Points To Big Pharma Encouraging Disease Outbreaks To Promote Higher Vaccination Rates

These days, it should come as no surprise every time Big Pharma is proven to be up to something absolutely despicable. And yet it still feels somewhat shocking every time new evidence of their horrific, corrupt nature is brought into the light.

As reported by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Merck scientists served as whistleblowers on research fraud regarding the MMR vaccine from over a decade ago. According to the whistleblowers, the FDA’s approval of the vaccine was not only based on false information, but it also caused an outbreak of Measles in 2006. The vaccine was reportedly tested against phony laboratory strains of viruses instead of being tested against those that are floating around in the real world. Is this fraudulent behavior from Big Pharma? Color me not even remotely surprised.

For some reason, mainstream media outlets have seemingly refused to cover this story. If there’s no corruption on their end, then why are they so consistently hesitant to report on eye-opening evidence regarding Big Pharma? Adams writes, “Any time you see a mainstream media news report on vaccines, you can rest assured with 100% confidence that it is pure theater, carried out with carefully scripted fake narratives to achieve a propaganda goal of demanding complete obedience to all demands of the vaccine industry.” This event serves as even more proof that Adams has hit the nail on the head.


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Doctor Urges Compulsory Mediation In Patient Care Rows

The NHS could save millions of pounds if families and doctors were offered mediation when they disagreed on a treatment, a leading consultant said.

Dr Chris Danbury, an anaesthetist at Reading’s Royal Berkshire Hospital, said it should be made a legal requirement in England and Wales.

Examples of when mediation should be used include disagreements in whether to turn off life support, he said.

This would avoid a case going to the Court of Protection.

Another instance where mediation could be used was when a patient who is mentally competent did not want to accept a treatment they medically needed.

But one mother, whose son died of a brain tumour, said she was not sure mediation was the best form of persuasion for parents at a vulnerable time.

Dr Danbury, a consultant intensive care physician, said it was not just the cost of going to court that was the problem.

He said the legal route could have a damaging effect on the relationship between the medical team and the family involved.
‘Immense savings’

Speaking at Euroanaesthesia 2016, Mr Danbury said of mediation: “This can be done informally, perhaps by getting another clinician within the institution to act as an ‘honest broker’.

“If this fails, then a formal mediation process can be initiated with legal representation on both sides.

“Mediation costs a great deal less than going to court and often preserves the relationship between clinical team and their patient/representatives, which can otherwise be severely damaged by the rigors of court proceedings.”

He highlighted one example in which a Jewish family refused to accept their family member had no hope of recovery.

They were offered mediation with the help of a local rabbi, which led to an improved relationship between them and the medical team and the family agreed to switch off the patient’s life support machine.

“Sometimes misunderstandings can occur very easily – one doctor may not explain something very well to a family, but then once a colleague intervenes, the situation can be calmed down very quickly,” he said.

BBC News

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Prince Charles Battles Pharma, Doctors, And Fights For Patient Rights

Prince Charles is 67 years old. And if you ask him, alternative medicine has been at the heart of his existence. His support for alternative healing has been well-documented (as well as well-criticized). Charles has long argued that alternative health practices, such as herbal medicine, should be given more focus and patients should have the right to choose. He’s never condemned modern medicine as much as he has pushed for alternative medicine to be given equal treatment.

In 2010, Charles published a book titled, Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, which focuses on alternative health treatments, as well as diagnosis tools. Charles describes it as ” a practical guide to what we have lost in the modern world.” He focuses on architecture, farming and of course medicine. The idea is to rethink our modern approaches using traditional, historically proven models. The book shows a disconnect between man and nature.

His approach to diagnosing illness is summarized here:

I have also learnt from leading experts how we can understand a great deal about the causes of ill health through more traditional methods of diagnosis — for example, through examination of the iris, ears, tongue, feet and pulse, very much the basis of the Indian Ayurvedic system.

This is not to say that modern diagnostic techniques do not have a role, but let us not forget what we can gain by using the knowledge and wisdom accumulated over thousands of years by pioneers who did not have access to today’s technology. In fact, an over-reliance can often mean that the subtle signs of imbalance revealed by the examination of the eyes, pulse and tongue are totally missed.

Including the fruits of such knowledge, gleaned over 8,000 years of studying the relationship of the human body to the rest of Nature and to the Universe, can but only provide an extra, valuable resource to doctors as they seek to make a full diagnosis. Why persist in denying the immense value of such accumulated wisdom when it can tell us so much about the whole person — mind, body and spirit? Employing the best of the ancient and modern in a truly integrated way is another example of harmony and balance at work.

We are a big supporter of Ayurvedic treatments, particularly oil pulling. Many Ayurvedic treatments have shown amazing results, but studies are few and far between because pharmaceutical companies simply aren’t going to fund items which would eliminate their own need in the profit equation. So these alternative treatments are left to die, with the exception of those of us who are willing to try new, non-evasive, natural methods.

Charles has also had proposals blocked by Ministers in his home country whereas he asked that alternative medicine is given a fair shake. In other words, he was seeking to have modern doctors and pharmaceuticals regulated. He was shot down. This article was from the Telegraph in 2014.

The Prince of Wales is pushing for an acceptance of complementary medicines and urging medical watchdogs to regulate their professions in order to better protect patients.

Two years ago the Coalition pledged to bring in an official register of practitioners of herbal and Chinese medicines, which would see therapists regulated alongside other health care workers.

It followed two public consultations which found overwhelming support for the proposals.

But ministers have blocked the proposals, instead setting up a new committee – which has just secretly drawn up plans to spend a further 18 months re-examining the matter.

Prince Charles is said to be increasingly frustrated about “delay tactics” which mean that the proposals may not be published until next year and then would be highly likely to be cast aside again as an election looms.

Charles was only pushing for public choice, rather than allowing people to be a pharmaceutical or diagnostic funnel by the medical powers that be.

Dr Michael Dixon, the chairman of the College of Medicine, which advocates an “integrated” approach to medicine – so that complementary therapies such as homoeopathy, acupuncture and herbal remedies are evaluated alongside mainstream medicine – said: “The Prince of Wales has consistently pushed for stricter controls over complementary medicines so that the public has a real choice about treatment, and is properly protected.”

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt would eventually sign the Early Day Motion in support of homeopathy, alternative medicine. But the road for Charles has been filled with detractors and skeptics, many of such calling him a “nutcase” and “bad for modern man’s health.”

Between 2004 and 2005, Charles sent numerous letters to the powers that be lobbying them to give alternative medicine fair considerations. The letters were discovered some years later through incidental legal proceedings, at which time they were termed the “black spider” correspondence. This is an excerpt Charles wrote to the Prime Minister.

“We briefly mentioned the European Union Directive on Herbal Medicines, which is having such a deleterious effect on the complementary medicine sector in this country by effectively outlawing the use of certain herbal

“I think we both agreed that this was using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. You rightly asked me what could be done about it and I am asking the Chief Executive of my Foundation for Integrated Health to provide a more detailed briefing which I hope to be able to send shortly so that your advisers can look at it.”

extracts,” the Prince wrote.

The worst of it all comes in 2010 when Charles and four directors from his “College of Medicine” charity, had their establishment shut down as it was accused by government officials of fraud and money laundering. The charity was of course, controversial in the country and scientist often termed it as “quackery.” But was it shut down because pharmaceutical companies didn’t appreciate Charles’ approach? According to The Guardian, no one was formally charged after the investigation shut it down.

The four directors of the college are former fellows or directors of the prince’s charity, the Foundation for Integrated Health, which shut in April after Scotland Yard began a fraud and money-laundering inquiry. Police later charged the charity’s finance director, George Gray, with theft totalling £253,000. None of the directors of the new college have been accused of wrongdoing in the investigation.

The College of Medicine had been registered as the College for Integrated Health shortly after the intimidation tactics ended. Charles push for deployment of alternative health treatments has been documented for over a decade at least, making him one of the most prominent figures in the fight for a faithful healthcare system.

Charles also has been lined to alternative, chemical-free vaccines. Charles and the Queen were heavily scrutinized and eventually the products were pulled from the shelves.

A homeopathic pharmacy endorsed by Prince Charles and the Queen has been told to stop advertising sugar pills labelled as childhood vaccines.

The government’s medicines regulator stepped in after an investigation by BBC Inside Out South West.

It found a number of homeopathic products on sale at specialist retailer Ainsworths labelled as vaccines or bearing the name of a childhood illness.

The programme also found evidence the company’s owner Anthony Pinkus was prepared to recommend homeopathic pills to parents as an alternative to the whooping cough vaccination.


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The CDC Has Another Whistle-Blower?

As [Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe] gathers steam throughout the country, playing to sold-out shows, great reviews on Fandango and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 85% more attention is being shifted to the manipulated science behind vaccinations and the alarming Autism epidemic. Quietly, behind the scenes, there is another CDC whistleblower lurking in a Federal Courtroom in Utah, this according to an article at

According to the January 4, 2016 motion, “Dr. Zimmerman was a successful University employee until she accused [her supervisor], among others, of research misconduct and ethical misconduct. Defendants retaliated against Dr. Zimmerman for raising legal and ethical questions of employees’ impropriety” Zimmerman’s complaint includes specific concerns over alleged uncorrected errors in the ADDM Network’s reported autism analysis for Utah.

“On or about December 2012, Dr. Zimmerman also reported the same concerns she had made to the University’s Privacy & Security office to the United States Department of Health and Human Services…. She reported her concerns to the CDC as well. “

Depositions from Zimmerman and her former colleagues suggest that the alleged data errors were serious and have the potential to produce major differences in reported Utah autism rates. In the 2008 ADDM Network Report, Utah autism rates were the highest in the country at 1 in 47. In the 2012 report released today, Utah rates plummeted nearly 20% to 1 in 58 as most other ADDM Network sites reported either rising or stable autism rates.

While we have all heard this story before with Dr. Thompson, the basis of Vaxxed: The Movie, and his claim of similar unethical manipulation of data. This second researcher coming forward, along with the successful release and critical reception of the movie, may finally shift the spotlight to independent research into the connection between vaccinations and the Autism epidemic.


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Thanks to The International Medical Council on Vaccination  and  Dr Sherri Tenpenny.

Around The Clock Care For Dying ‘Not Good Enough’

A national review of end-of-life care has found most hospitals are failing to provide face-to-face palliative care specialists around the clock.

The review shows only 16 of 142 hospital sites in England offer specialists on site 24/7.

NHS experts acknowledge steady improvements in the last two years, but warn there is still work to do.

It’s the first review since the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway was scrapped.

‘Major Deficiencies’

The Liverpool Care Pathway was phased out amid criticisms it had been misused as a tick-box exercise, leaving some patients without food and water.

In its place a series of guidelines has suggested moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach, instead focusing on individual care.

This report, led by the Royal College of Physicians, shows there have been improvements in all areas.

Researchers found, for example, that communication with patients and relatives had improved.

But there were still a number of concerns.

In 18% of more than 9,000 patient notes researchers examined, there was no written evidence to suggest that do-not-resuscitate decisions had been discussed with relatives or friends.

And in around 3,000 notes there was no evidence that the patient’s ability to eat and drink had been assessed on the last day of life.

But the researchers’ main concern was that many patients and doctors did not have full access to on-site palliative care specialists at evenings and weekends.

Out Of Hours

The majority of hospitals did offer a specialist telephone helpline at all times and 53 of 142 hospital sites offered face-to-face palliative care on Monday to Sunday between 9am to 5pm.

But for 26 trusts there was no record of face-to-face specialist palliative care involving doctors at any time.

Study-lead Dr Sam Ahmedzai said: “We know that most front-line doctors and nurses giving end-of-life care do it to a very good standard.

“But the problem happens when things start to go wrong and often they go wrong out-of-hours in the middle of the night and at weekends.

“Then doctors and nurses who may be inexperienced need to be able to access specialists in palliative care.”

He says without this, patients with complex problems may not get the care they need.

Julie Coombes’ father found out he had bowel cancer in May 2015. He was in and out of hospital for three months. But Ms Coombes, 33, from Plymouth, says her father didn’t feel he had good care there. She says his symptoms and sickness couldn’t be controlled, so the family decided to take him out of hospital to die at home.

She said: “While he was in hospital the palliative care team came for about five minutes, while he was in his bed with everyone around and just said you are going to die.

“Apart from that we did not get any leaflets or any help… It is not something I would want anyone else to experience.”

‘Not Right’

Dr Kevin Stewart of the Royal College of Physicians said he was encouraged by the improvements.

But he added: “We are disappointed that there are still major deficiencies in the provision of specialist palliative care at nights and weekends by many trusts; patients and their families deserve the same level of service whatever the day of the week.”

Dr Adrian Tookman, clinical director of the charity Marie Curie, which part-funded the review, said: “We can’t ignore the fact that the vast majority of dying people and those close to them still have limited or no access to specialist palliative care support when they need it in hospital. This is not right, nor good enough.

“Care of the dying has no respect for time, so if we are to deliver a consistent seven-day service by 2020, it is critical that funding is directed towards recruiting and training doctors and nurses to provide specialist care now.”

Dr Tookman told BBC Breakfast there was also “an organisational issue”, over how managers supported services within hospitals.

He acknowledged the difficulties for families of patients but said they had to “speak up and demand the right care”.

Amanda Cheesley of the Royal College of Nursing told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that end-of-life care raised complex issues and among nurses there was “still a fear of doing the wrong thing”.

BBC News

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Northern Ireland Bans Genetically Modified Crops

The EU said this year its 28 member states could take their own positions on the issue.

Genetically modified crops have been prohibited in Northern Ireland.

Stormont’s Minister for the Environment Mark H Durkan said he was unconvinced of the advantages of the technology.

The European Union said earlier this year that its 28 member states could adopt their own positions on the issue.

Mr Durkan said: “I remain unconvinced of the advantages of GM crops and I consider it prudent to prohibit their cultivation here for the foreseeable future.”

No GM crops are being grown commercially in the UK but imported products such as soya are being used for animal feed.

Mr Durkan added: “The pattern of land use here and the relatively small size of many agricultural holdings creates potential difficulties if we were to seek to keep GM and non-GM crops separate.

“I consider that the costs of doing so could potentially be significant and, in many cases, totally impractical.

The Irish Times

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James Colquhoun: What Is The Definition Of Wellness?

Once upon a time, health was commonly defined as merely the absence of disease. In fact, in many parts of the world today, many health professionals still practice through this outdated and antiquated paradigm. The dominant healthcare culture tends to view the body as a machine, capable of black and white states of health and illness.

This approach can be helpful if you have a condition that is quantifiable and measurable. (Think, for example, of infections, trauma and critical disease.) However, the issue is that this view of health doesn’t account for other factors that also affect our health in an indirect, unquantifiable way, such as sleep quality, stress, diet and emotional well-being.

Besides, ‘the absence of disease’ seems like a rather depressing definition of health, doesn’t it? Alternatively, I believe that true health involves a much more holistic picture; certainly an absence of disease, yes. But what about vitality? Energy? Happiness and contentment? A body that serves you for many long years at optimal capacity?

I’ve highlighted ten areas below that I personally believe helps us reach true health, in a broader definition of the word. I.e. total wellness for your body, mind and soul!

James Colquhoun
Film-Maker: Food Matters and Hungry For Change.

Food Matters

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