In Memory Of Joyce Riley: An Inspirational Advocate, Broadcaster, And Friend

Updated: August 14, 2017

Joyce Ann Riley: July 31, 1948 – June 25, 2017
An Inspirational Advocate, Broadcaster, And Friend.

Joyce Ann Riley was welcomed into the world on July 31, 1948. Fittingly, she was born just outside Arkansas City, Kansas on the border with Oklahoma, in the heart of the United States. Eventually, Joyce would capture the hearts of millions of people around the world, including my own, becoming a trusted friend and mentor.

Her father owned a pharmacy while her mother was a stay-at-home mum. Joyce was the eldest of three children. One of her passions, as well as being on The Power Hour was quilting, a talent and pleasure inherited from her mother. Continue Reading

Privatisation Of The NHS: Professor Allyson Pollock

Updated: September 5, 2017

The Abolition Of The NHS In England

15 March, 2016

On Friday, the cross party NHS Bill returned to the Commons for its second reading. The Bill was filibustered by the Conservatives, and following only 17 minutes of debate, it was adjourned. The second reading is unlikely to continue.

Most people are probably unaware of what’s happening. But increasingly the market is invading. Virgin now has over 300 NHS contracts, and an active litigation department. They have successfully prevented commissioners in Hull from allowing local GPs to run primary care services, and are facing a legal challenge from the local trust in Kent to their £128 million contract because of concerns about patient and staff safety.

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FDA: Massive Attack On Supplements

Updated: September 5, 2017

The long-awaited revision of FDA guidance rules for new supplements is finally here. It is very bad news. Highest-level Action Alert!

We normally publish our newsletter on Tuesday, but are sending out this issue today because of its urgency.

What we are dealing with here is whether the supplement industry is allowed to innovate and create new supplements. The FDA, working as usual on behalf of the drug industry, says no. We need your help to stop this right now. It will take a huge effort on all of our parts and we need to start immediately.

Over the last few years, one of the biggest issues facing the supplement industry has been the confusion over how to comply with the new dietary ingredient (NDI) provisions contained in the landmark Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), the main law governing supplements.

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Why Not Vaccinating My Kids Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

Updated: May 26, 2017

When I first became a Mum, I never questioned getting my children vaccinated. It was just what you did when you have children – you do what your doctor tells you, because they know best.

My husband and I had never been told that there could be any adverse reactions, only a bit of redness and swelling at the injection site. So as each of our six eldest children got progressively sicker after each vaccination, we never made that connection.

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Mike Adams: What Really Scares Big Pharma?

Updated: May 19, 2017

Mike Adams: The Health Ranger, describe how ‘Big Pharma’ is terrified that you might discover a simple, powerful truth: You can prevent, reverse and CURE serious disease yourself! Your body is a powerful self-healing system, and your healing potential doesn’t depend on doctors, drugs or surgery. Continue Reading

Petition UK Parliament: Consider A Vote Of No Confidence In Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary

Updated: September 5, 2017

Petition UK Parliament: Consider A Vote Of No Confidence In Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary

Mr Hunt recently gave totally inappropriate advice to Google conditions before seeking medical opinion. He referred to Paramedics as Ambulance Drivers and has caused the first Doctors strike in years of the NHS. Mr Hunt is destroying all staff morale in the NHS and will cause recruitment issues.

Please Sign This Petition

Jeremy Hunt’s approval rating is now lower than Andrew Lansley’s – and most British people say the government is wrong to impose a new contract

After the most serious period of industrial action in the healthcare profession since the 1970s Jeremy Hunt finally drew the curtain on negotiations with the British Medical Association this week, imposing a disputed contract on junior doctors against their will and raising the prospect of further strikes, refusals and resignations.

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Barbara Loe Fisher: Knowledge Is the Antidote For Vaccine Orthodoxy

Updated: May 19, 2017

Humans have experienced two centuries of vaccine orthodoxy. That orthodoxy dictates that we believe vaccination is safe and effective and should be mandated by governments. It began with medical doctors insisting we get one dose of smallpox vaccine, 1 and has exploded over the past century into a U.S. government dictate that every child get 69 doses of 16 vaccines. 2

Vaccine orthodoxy equally applied to every disease, every vaccine and every person, regardless of need or individual susceptibility to harm.

Today, everybody knows somebody who was healthy, got vaccinated and was never healthy again.

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Agrichemical Industry ‘Attack Dog’ Hired To Discredit Teenage Anti-GMO Activist

Updated: May 19, 2017

Rachel Parent is a young Canadian activist and founder of the nonprofit Kids Right To Know organization. She was 14 years old when her activism around labelling genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food caught the eye of pro-GMO corporations and lobby groups.

“According to emails and thousands of other pages of documents released in a freedom of information request by U.S. Right to Know (USRTK), a non-profit advocacy group funded by the Organic Consumers Association, these industry forces conspired to think of ways to discredit Parent and counter her message…

Thanks to The Institute for Responsible Technology, for alerting me to the following article. Continue Reading

Heal Yourself Heal, The World: The Documentary

Updated: July 4, 2017

Join Howard Straus (author, scientist, son of Charlotte Gerson and grandson of Dr. Max Gerson) for an in-depth examination of the Gerson Therapy — how it works, the science behind it and why it works. Heal Yourself, Heal The World is a new review of the Gerson Therapy and for this retelling of the story, we created an attention-grabbing script and intertwined the best parts from the other films with new interviews, updated scientific information, modern graphics and even media from Dr. Gerson’s time.
Heal Yourself, Heal The World includes:

  • Historical information on Dr.
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Jamie Oliver Calls War On Sugar

Updated: September 5, 2017

Sugar is an incredibly cheap ingredient that can be found in practically every processed, packaged food item. We’re frequently disappointed by the amount of sugar hidden in things such as sauces, canned fruit, fast food burger buns, crackers and more, so we’re thrilled to see Jamie raise awareness of this silent killer. The consumption of added sugars  has been linked to all kinds of chronic illnesses from diabetes to heart disease and we’re simply consuming way too much.

In the United States, the average person consumes more than 126 grams of sugar per day, which is slightly more than three 12-ounce cans of Coca-Cola.

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