192: European Supermarkets Shock Monsanto With Non-GMO Soy Declaration

Supermarkets from across Europe have signed the Brussels Soy Declaration to state that they want EU consumers and farmers to have a choice to eat and use non-gmo soy, this comes soon after the announcement by some UK supermarkets that they would be using GM Soy in animal feed for the first time.

… Some Member States of the European Union have passed national regulations that enable food producers and manufacturers as well as brand owners and retailers to label food items as GMO-free in the respective national languages. Consumers are thus given a clear choice they can exercise in the supermarket. Where implemented, such regulations have sometimes caused a significant increase in the sale of food products labelled accordingly. Consequently, the demand for certified non-GM ingredients is rising.

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Thanks to The Institute For Responsible Technology, for alerting me to this article.


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