Mike Tawse And His Amazing Journey — The Power News Network: Spring 2008 Edition

I would like to thank Joyce Riley, and all at The Power Hour, for their continued encouragement, and interest in My Serrapeptase Adventure. Recently, I received a very generous gift, from Joyce and the team, including several fascinating and informative books, covering a variety of natural health related topics. Also included, with the books, was a copy of the latest edition of The Power News Network, which contains the following article.

In December 2005, in a small ground floor flat near Manchester University, 36-year-old Mike Tawse was sitting in his wheelchair — as he had done for the previous ten years — and wondering if he was to have (or wanted) another year of life.

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From Wheelchair To Cartwheels: By Jenny Pulling

Regular readers will know that I am happy to report what other people are saying about My Serrapeptase Adventure. I have just received the following article, written for Naturally Healthy Publications, by Jenny Pulling. Jenny has given her personal view of the first two years of My Serrapeptase Adventure, which continues to this day.

Naturally Healthy Publications: June 2008

‘Ripples on water, the myriad shapes of leaves and plants: because of my poor eyesight I never expected to see these beauties. They were limited to my imagination based on friends’ descriptions. Now everything has changed, I am seeing the world with fresh eyes.’ This poetic description of Mike Tawse’s regained sight marks the latest chapter in his Serrapeptase Adventure.

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The Power Hour: The Latest Update About My Eyesight

Today I have had the pleasure, once again, of joining Joyce Riley on The Power Hour, to tell the show’s listeners about the latest amazing improvements of my eyesight.

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Robert Redfern Launches Good Health Radio

Robert Redfern launches Good Health Radio as a part of Naturally Healthy Publications, to provide a library of his many radio appearances and health news stories from all around the world.

I am honoured to have some of my own radio interviews, about My Serrapeptase Adventure, included in the Good Health Radio archive. I am also very pleased to have been invited to introduce some of the programmes; something that would not even have been possible before I learnt about Serrapeptase, because my lung function would not have allowed me to complete a coherent sentence. One of the most dramatic impacts of Serrapeptase, so far, is that it has enabled me to regain the clarity and ease of speech, which had been one of my greatest skills. Read More

My Adventure Makes Serrapeptase News

TheMiracleEnzymeIsSerrapeptaseIn the latest US edition of Serrapeptase News (Naturally Healthy Publications), Robert Redfern writes:

I have renamed my book as The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase. I did not do this lightly, as I think the word ‘miracle’ is generally misused and too easily thrown around, especially in the nutritional field.

If you have read my book and followed my newsletters, you may realize why I am so enthusiastic about this enzyme. I was finally convinced to not only change the name of the book but to also create a web site to go with it, when the story of 36-year-old Mike Tawse first surfaced. Mike, a cerebral palsy sufferer since birth, revealed that life was so bad at the end of 2005 that he felt he could not endure another year on 14 drugs that hardly made a difference.

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The Power Hour: Mike Tawse And Robert Redfern

On June 13, I had the pleasure of being invited to appear on The Power Hour again to update the program’s listeners with my progress. I was also delighted to appear on the program with Robert Redfern whose encouragement continues to inspire me.

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The Power Hour: My Serrapeptase Adventure Goes Global

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Joyce Riley, host of an American talk radio show called The Power Hour. Robert Redfern described my experience with Serrapeptase when he appeared on the show in February, when a caller asked about helping someone with cerebral palsy. Following my conversation with Joyce, she invited me to appear on the following day’s show.

On Wednesday, I took part (by telephone) in a segment on The Power Hour radio show, with Joyce Riley. I think it went well, and I would like to thank Scott Hartman for his assistance.

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A Health-Care Book That Could Change Your Life!

TheMiracleEnzymeIsSerrapeptaseThe ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase is a remarkable book about a remarkable enzyme. Read in detail, the fascinating studies, uses and practitioner’s reports about Serrapeptase, The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme.

For over a quarter of a century, the clinical use of Serrapeptase as an anti-inflammatory has been widespread throughout Europe and Asia.

This now ‘plant grown’ enzyme was originally noticed over 30 years ago being used by the silkworm in its cocoon to dissolve proteins – hence the title of this book by Robert Redfern.

In this book, you can read the amazing story of an ENZYME that is set to become the most widely used alternative to the majority of anti-inflammatory DRUGS – without the side effects, drugs can have! Read More