The Greater Good Documentary: Illuminating The Vaccination Debate

TheGreaterGoodTo vaccinate or not? The Greater Good sheds light on the ever debatable topic of vaccines. What I particularly love about this film, apart from it’s fantastic production value and equitable conversation on both sides, is the way in which I was drawn into the heart-wrenching personal stories woven throughout the film.

This film is a must watch for all of us – parents considering vaccinations, young women contemplating the HPV vaccine and even those of us still considering the annual flu shot! This is a contentious issue and one that needs a lot more attention, moving towards an egalitarian system where we have the right to decide what is best for us and our family.

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Genetic Roulette By Jeffrey Smith

GeneticRouletteThe biotech industry’s claim that genetically modified (GM) foods are safe is shattered in this ground-breaking book. Sixty-five health risks of the foods that Americans [and others around the world] eat every day are presented in easy-to-read two-page spreads. The left page is designed for the quick scanning reader; it includes bullets, illustrations, and quotes. The right side offers fully referenced text, describing both research studies and theoretical risks. The second half of Genetic Roulette shows how safety assessments on GM crops are not competent to identify the health problems presented in the first half. Read More

The Marketing Of Madness: Drug Marketing At The Expense Of Health

TheMarketingOfMadnessThe Marketing of Madness is the definitive documentary on the psychiatric drugging industry. Here is the real story of the high-income partnership between psychiatry and drug companies that has created an $80 billion psychotropic drug profit centre.

Nevertheless, appearances are deceiving. How valid are psychiatrists’ diagnoses – and how safe are their drugs? Digging deep beneath the corporate veneer, this three-part documentary exposes the truth behind the slick marketing schemes and scientific deceit that conceal dangerous and often deadly sales campaigns.

In this film you’ll discover that:

  • Many of the drugs side effects may actually make your ‘mental illness’ worse
  • Psychiatric drugs can induce aggression or depression
  • Some psychotropic drugs prescribed to children are more addictive than cocaine
  • Psychiatric diagnoses appears to be based on dubious science.
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The Beautiful Truth: The Documentary

BeautifulTruthDVDThe Beautiful Truth is a remarkable, challenging and inspiring film, featuring Charlotte Gerson, amongst many world-renowned experts in natural health. I am pleased to see that the film features Joyce Riley, host of The Power Hour Radio Show. Joyce continues to inspire and inform my own approach to naturally sustained good health.

Garrett is a 15-year old boy living in the Alaskan wilderness with a menagerie of orphaned animals. Growing up close with nature has given him a deep understanding of nutritional needs required by diet sensitive animals on the reserve. Unfortunately, the untimely and tragic death of his mother propelled him into a downward spiral and he risked flunking out of school.

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The Gerson Miracle: The Documentary

I see in Dr Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine.

Dr Albert Schweitzer Nobel Laureate

TheGersonMiracleThe Gerson Miracle introduces us to the physician who developed The Gerson Therapy more than 75 years ago, a therapy that has proven to cure cancer and most other chronic and degenerative diseases. Through his own painful struggle with migraines, Dr Max Gerson conceived a treatment based entirely on nutrition and the body’s own ability to heal itself. He cured his migraines and summarily concentrated on other methods that prove to naturally boost the immune system this is the real miracle. Read More

Hungry For Change: The Documentary

HungryForChangeIntroducing Hungry For Change, the latest Food Matters film. Hungry For Change exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight-loss and food industry don’t want you to know about. Deceptive strategies designed to keep you craving more and more. Could the foods we are eating actually be keeping us stuck in the diet trap?

In Hungry For Change (DVD) you will learn
  • How to navigate your supermarket – what to buy and what to avoid
  • The real truth behind “DIET”, “SUGAR-FREE” and “FAT-FREE” products
  • How to overcome food addictions and cravings
  • Why fad diets don’t work
  • What food additives to avoid and how to read labels
  • What is fat and cellulite and how do we get rid of it for good
  • The most effective detox and cleansing strategies, and
  • How to eat for clear eyes, glowing skin and healthy hair

This inspiring film has the power to transform your health!

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Food Matters: The Documentary

FoodMattersFood Matters, is a feature length documentary film informing you on the best choices you can make for you and your family’s health. In a collection of interviews with leading nutritionists, naturopaths, scientists, MDs and medical journalists you will discover…

One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive and three quarters of what you eat keeps your doctor alive.

Andrew W Saul

This is a ‘must see’ film for anyone who wants to learn:

  • How to use food as medicine
  • Who needs vitamins?
  • Is organic better?
  • How safe is our food?
  • Natural treatments for lowering Cholesterol
  • Foods that fight Anxiety and Depression
  • Natural therapies for Cancer
  • Which drugs might do more harm than good?
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Flood Your Body With Oxygen By Ed McCabe

FloodYouBodyWithOxygenEd McCabe discusses the true significance of oxygen in regaining, and maintaining, naturally sustainable good health. Ed explains why the medical and pharmaceutical industries do not want you to know the truth about how they have used their financial and political influence to promote drug dependence and the spread of reversible and preventable disease, worldwide.
McCabe is the author of the groundbreaking book, Flood Your Body With Oxygen. I first heard about Ed’s work when he appeared on The Power Hour radio show in 2010. When the book was revised, in 2011, Ed appeared on the show again and, as always, I continued to learn. Read More