2009: A Year Of Stability And Growing Confidence

This year has been one in which my condition has remained stable, with some improvements, but it has been one in which my confidence has grown.

January 3rd marked the first full day of the fourth year of My Serrapeptase Adventure.

February 18th was another milestone. It was the first full day of my fourth year, free from the ‘toxic cocktail,’ popularly known as prescription medication.

I continue to be inspired by the fact that Serrapeptase began to free me from my symptoms within hours, and then, within weeks, from the medications, which I now believe may have been known and expected to cause, or worsen them. Read More “2009: A Year Of Stability And Growing Confidence”

Serrapeptase Forever?

I am amazed to find that My Serrapeptase Adventure is fast approaching the end of its fourth full year. Once again, I find myself looking back at the events of the past and looking forward to the opportunities still to come.

My adventure continues to be one of change, progress and improving health, but it is fair to say that my condition is stable and that the improvements are less dramatic than they were in the first two years. Now that this remarkable story is becoming better known around the world via the airwaves, the internet and in print, this seems to be as good a time as any to consider some recurring questions. Read More “Serrapeptase Forever?”

My Serrapeptase Adventure In Print

Regular readers will know that my improving ability to read is among the most precious and surprising gifts of My Serrapeptase Adventure. My ability to read has improved, gradually, but consistently, since my eyesight and visual perception began becoming clearer in November 2006.

I still need a lot of practice and must make a considerable effort to improve my fluency, but reading is already a much more useful pleasure than it ever was before my adventure started.

Some time ago, I heard that The Serrapeptase Guy, Robert Redfern, had decided to include an introduction to My Serrapeptase Adventure in the 2009 edition of his book: The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase – The 2nd Gift from Silkworms, with the title, From Wheelchair To Wings. Read More “My Serrapeptase Adventure In Print”

Robert Redfern Talks About My Serrapeptase Adventure

My Serrapeptase Adventure began when a friend told me about The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme, Serrapeptase and asked me to help her find more information about it on the internet. One of the greatest gifts I found that day was a series of clips from radio interviews from The Power Hour radio show, with Robert Redfern, The Serrapeptase Guy, which enabled me to learn more about Serrapeptase without having to read vast quantities of text – something which my eyesight would not have enabled me to do at the time.

The 2009 edition of the book, The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase – The 2nd Gift from Silkworms includes The Mike Tawse Story – From Wheelchair To Wings. Read More “Robert Redfern Talks About My Serrapeptase Adventure”

The Relief Of A Prescription-Free Life

MedsTFrom the very earliest days of My Serrapeptase Adventure, I have been in no doubt that its most life-changing and life-saving gift has been to enable me to escape the impact of the ‘toxic cocktail’ of prescription medication in February 2006.

My adventure continues to be a fantastic opportunity to learn, which provides me with as many questions as answers. My efforts to discover the truth about the multitude of medications that I used to take are, perhaps, the most obvious examples of this.

In February 2008 I wrote:

I have recently discovered that many of the symptoms from which Serrapeptase has rescued me were in fact known, and even expected, side effects of all the prescription medications that I took before I knew about Serrapeptase.

Read More “The Relief Of A Prescription-Free Life”

Gym Update: From Strength To Strength

Today’s gym session was very successful, and it offered me the best evidence, so far, of my progress since joining the gym, in 2007.

The weight, or resistance, used in every exercise has been significantly increased, making the exercises more difficult and therefore, I hope, more effective. The most significant single increase has been to the resistance setting for the abdominal toning machine, which has been doubled, to 20 kg.

For the first time ever, today, I was able to get out of my wheelchair to use one of the machines (known as a hand bike) which until now has had to be adjusted so that I can use it while staying in my wheelchair, for safety reasons. Read More “Gym Update: From Strength To Strength”

Time To Get Fit: Renewing My Gym Membership Again

I am amazed by how quickly time has passed. Today, I have accepted an invitation to renew my gym membership for another year. I look forward to learning what progress I will continue to make towards greater good health, mobility, and fitness.

Having completed all the necessary paperwork, my workout has also been updated.

As always, I would like to thank everyone who continues to enable and inspire me to improve my fitness.


To Vaccinate Or To Stay Healthy

Anyone who heard yesterday’s edition of The Power Hour will know that I have made a firm, personal, decision not to accept the swine flu vaccination. Although my reasons are a matter of personal choice, I believe that they are based upon logic:

  • My Serrapeptase Adventure has freed me from the ‘toxic cocktail’ of prescription medication, so it makes little sense to me to accept a vaccination that is not compulsory
  • I am not convinced that the risk of swine flu is significant enough, to merit unnecessary medical intervention
  • I am concerned about the potentially negative impact of some of the individual ingredients, listed in the vaccines offered in the UK
  • I am most concerned that it will not be possible to determine the long-term effects of this vaccination until it has been in long-term use, but there are a growing number of reports of adverse reactions among people who have been vaccinated
  • Since I do not have any means to independently evaluate all the available scientific data, I have decided that I will not take a vaccine, the benefits of which are at least as uncertain as the risks

As always, I will continue to be happy to learn, if any conclusive evidence becomes available, but I am as sure as I can be that the choice I must make is to vaccinate or to stay healthy. Read More “To Vaccinate Or To Stay Healthy”

The Power Hour: Serrapeptase And The HealthPoint

Today, I had the pleasure of being invited to join The Power Hour, to update the show’s regular listeners with my progress and to introduce new listeners to Serrapeptase and the remarkable story of My Serrapeptase Adventure. Later in our conversation, Joyce Riley and I welcomed Robert Redfern, to discuss the HealthPoint. Robert also answered listener’s questions.


Feeling Fantastic At 40!

FantasticAt40Wow! It is July 2009, I made it to my 40th birthday, and I feel fantastic!

In the final few months of 2005, leading up to the beginning of My Serrapeptase Adventure (January 2006), I was surviving on a day-to-day basis, and I was surprised each time I survived another week.

Now, more than halfway through the fourth year of My Serrapeptase Adventure, as I look ahead to my fifth decade of life and beyond, it still amazes me to know that I have a future. I am sure that it will be a future filled with opportunities and challenges. I look forward to continuing to learn from the fantastic people who have enabled and inspired My Serrapeptase Adventure, so far, and to meeting new people in the months and years to come. Read More “Feeling Fantastic At 40!”