Today Was The Day Of My First-Ever Full Gym Workout

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2017)

Today has turned out to be a great day for me. I have had to make previous visits to the gym, to check out that it would be safe for me to undertake a regular programme and then to learn which machines could be adapted so that I could use them from my wheelchair and which would be safe for me to use without my wheelchair.

Having completed all these checks today was the day of my first-ever full gym workout. I was able to complete an hour and a half of exercise, and I now have a programme, which I can use on an ongoing basis. An hour and a half may not seem like much to some of you, but for me it is like being able to run several marathons at once.

As expected, the exercise increased my heart and breathing rates (as it is supposed to do), but the amazing thing for me is that they both remained within safe and stable limits throughout – something, which I never thought would be possible again, before I started My Serrapeptase Adventure. Now that I have found someone local who is prepared to work with me, and to balance the obvious limitations of my disability with the enthusiasm I have for getting healthier and stronger, I hope to be able to use the gym on a regular basis.

Of course, since the beginning of my adventure I have been continually reminded that the impossible is only the things we choose not to make the effort to do.

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